Why Engaging the Right Sales Recruiter is Key to High Performance

Sales Recruiter

Things are tight. Inflation is rising, mortgage rates have doubled and mandates from boards are clear – let’s run lean and keep costs down.

This is reflected in how people feel about work. Whilst unsatisfied in their job, media noise and family pressure mean the majority are holding on tight to their roles, reluctant to move, fear of the unknown and uncertainty of the future with a new employer.

These pressure cooker environments mean engaging the right sales recruiter is very different to engaging a recruiter.

The Role of a Specialised Sales Recruiter

The right sales recruitment agency has delivered in market for at least 10 years, ideally 20. Any Sales Leader will agree partnerships and trust cannot be built within probationary periods.

The right sales recruitment agency modifies their search methodology to the culture of the team they are recruiting into. Any Sales Leader will agree a briefing on the job description alone is like watching the latest Bond movie with the sound turned down.

Identifying High Performers Hidden from Online Platforms

The right sales recruitment agency delivers a shortlist of high performers who are invisible or absent online. Any Sales Leader will agree the person required is not languishing on Seek looking for a job, any job – they have their head down delivering in a strong commission cycle.

The right sales recruitment agency knows how to bring high performers to the table. Any Sales Leader will agree spamming sales people with templated and generic Inmails is not how they want their career trajectory to be gambled on.

The right sales recruitment agency flips a job interview to a compelling conversation.  Any Sales Leader will agree a tick and flick volume approach is not how their brand should be represented.

The right sales recruitment agency knows career decisions involve families and dinner table discussions.  Any Sales Leader will agree tenure builds from careful, afr-reaching and methodical processes, not the old spray and pray hoping somethin’ sticks.

Data-Driven Decisions: Salary and Commission Insights

The right sales recruitment agency will deliver current and accurate market data on salary and commission plans.  Any Sales Leader will agree leveraging access to real time insights trump making an offer with no reply within 24 hours… or worse a dutch auction on 10k… or even worse losing a person completely after so much priceless time invested. 

The right sales recruitment agency sees the placement as the beginning.  Any Sales Leader will agree a critical check and balance of the induction and onboarding process has to be input from the very person who identified them for the business.

If it’s a replacement you need, there are a myriad of capable recruiters you can choose from.

But if it’s high performance you want, choose carefully. 

If you’re investing in attracting high performers to your business, please reach out to The Sales Recruiter on kara@thesalesrecruiter.com.au or fill out our contact us form to discuss.

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